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I'm Gonna Be With You

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 5:56 PM Comments comments (82)
Well, it has been a day of realizing our limits. We do not live forever.  At a talk by Terry Tempest Williams and  Lauret Savoy at Mount Holyoke College on Saturday night, we were reminded that our lives are like the blink of a shutter on a camera.  What will we do in our shutter moment?  We were reminded that we are not the only ones who live and love on the planet. All of creation lives and loves and eventually lets go.  

Today we visited with a beloved elder who has led the way on so many radical actions, and today needed assistance with her grocery shopping, grateful to get about with her walker.  We visited another dear friend in the hospital who is waiting for test results, and not feeling well at all. And her friend who was also there had recently lost the love of her life, who was 15 years younger. So unexpected.

With concern for all of them, we returned to our car somewhat heavy-hearted. Then as we drove past fields of sunflowers and tall August corn and blue blue skies dappled with light white clouds, our energy returned. For now, for today, we live, move, and have our beings here on this beautiful planet. Another day. This day.

Eventually back at my desk, I was surprised to find this note in an email:

"I very much enjoyed meeting you at Wayne’s hike and day of remembrances.  Thank you for sharing with all of us and sending me the copy of words and music.  I really appreciate having them.  Already I shared the music with my cousin, ... in Texas, who is caring for her husband ..., her Step-Mother (age 100!), her Mother-In-Law ( her 90s)... My cousin really liked your song, too.  I hope to meet you again, one day!  .....  
With Love, Carol"
This is the gift that keeps on giving.  A song comes into your heart after your mother dies and you get to write it and sing it to comfort yourself. Then you get to record it so that others can have it. Years later you go to a memorial hike for a friend who lived life so richly and was taken too soon, and the butterfly follows you down the mountain whispering in your ear "sing the song! I want them to know that I'm gonna be with them!" And so you do, in a simple little voice, but the song goes out and each one hears and receives the truth and comfort. 

I'm gonna be with you in a different way now,
It's mystery somehow but true.
Sometimes when you're walking you'll feel a little breeze.
That's a gentle hug from me to you.
     When you wake up in the morning and you open up your eyes
     To the color in the sky, that's just me there saying, "Hi!"
     Or as you fall asleep you'll sense something calm and deep.
     It's just a sweet dreams kiss from me to you.
From me to you it'll feel brand new
But we'll always be together like the air is part of weather.
When it seems that we're apart, I'll be right there in your heart.
Closer now than ever---just a different point of view.

When you're caught in the rain, soaking wet from all that rain,
I'm pouring all my love on you.
Or when the air is dry and you see a butterfly,
I could be saying hi to you.
      When you notice a new birdsong, stay awhile I'm near.
      When the snow is gently falling, feel my love is here.
      When you find a quiet moment, close your eyes and see,
      If you sense me right there with you, just imagine you're with me.
Just imagine that I'm there, anytime and anywhere.
Close your eyes and say a prayer, or laugh and give a cheer!
I'm just changing my form, we're just learning a new norm.
We're just taking different points of view.
'Cause you know, I will always be with you.